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DND and Ring Volume - leasingoptions - 06-07-2016 12:44 AM

I need to disable the DND function and also set the ringer volume and prevent it being turned down.

I found I can set the following parameters which work fine

voice.ring_vol = 15
features.dnd.allow = 0

However, the user is still able to turn the volume down to zero (and so ignore the incoming calls)

Is there a way to disable to volume buttons. Or if that's not possible could I send the above config to the phone periodically to override the users setting?


RE: DND and Ring Volume - Yealink_Michael - 06-17-2016 05:46 PM


thanks for your information

yes, you can send the provision file to phone to re-provision it again , just make sure that every time you provision , the MD5 of cfg file is not the same , you can just enter a blank or enter to change the MD5

for the volume key, i am sorry that we didn't support lock it for the present !


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