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T46G BLF Not Working - DSchumacher - 06-01-2016 11:28 PM

The original Thread has been deleted by forum administrator.
Is there any pausible reason?ExclamationAngry

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some of our customers have a 3CX V14 SP3 and Yealink phones with this firmware release. The firmware is approved by 3CX and available for auto deployment by the PBX.
We have the same issue. After the phones are disconnected (unregistered, but power still available) and reconnected (registered) by the PBX (router reboot or nightly internet connection reconnect) the BLFs won't work anymore.

A manual downgrade (and phone reprovisioning) to firmware resolves the problem.

We hope that this problem will be fixed very soon because BLFs are basic phone features.

RE: T46G BLF Not Working - Yealink_Michael - 06-02-2016 05:04 AM


sorry for the inconvenience

for this issue, it may caused by two reasons :

1. account registered failed after network disconnected , caused BLF did't work

for this situation it is advised to shorter the sip sever expire time in order to re-register after network comes back ASAP !
auto provision sentence :
account.X.sip_server.Y.expires =
//It configures the registration expiration time (in seconds) of SIP server Y for account X. value range : Integer from 30 to 2147483647 , default value is 3600
account.1.sip_server.1.expires = 3600//

2. BLF subscribe expire too long which make the phone didn't send subscribe to update the status when network comes back !

solution : shorter the expire of BLF subscribe time
account.X.blf.subscribe_period =
//It configures the period (in seconds) of the BLF subscription for account X.
The IP phone is able to successfully refresh the SUBSCRIBE before expiration of the SUBSCRIBE dialog.
value : Integer from 30 to 2147483647 , default value is 1800//

Yealink Wiki :