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[Tool] Configuration Generator Tool - Yealink Support - 04-11-2014 10:48 AM

Yealink Configuration Generator Tool (CGT) provides you with quicker and easier configuration generation, modification, conversion and encryption. This tool includes four interfaces: Phone Configuration, Advanced Configuration, CSV Configurations and Configuration Conversion. This guide provides detailed instructions on each interface.

This guide applies to the following IP phones:
1. SIP - T28P, SIP - T26P, SIP - T22P, SIP - T21P, SIP - T20P, SIP - T19P, SIP - T48G, SIP - T46G, SIP - T42G and SIP - T41P IP phones running firmware version 72 or later
2. SIP - T38G, SIP - T32G and VP530 IP phones running firmware version 70 or later

You can download this tool from below link.
Configuration Generator Tool (

Double click Yealink-supplied “CfgGenerator.exe” to start the application tool and then click the desired tab to access the desired interface.

About how to use this tool, please refer to Yealink Configuration Generator Tool User Guide.

You can also refer to this tool and user guide in Yealink website.
Yealink Configuration Generator Tool

Hope you can enjoy this tool. Smile

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