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Speed dial phone-menu t48g - - 05-20-2016 03:13 AM

Is there a way to create a speed dial wich calls a Number wich has a phone menu.
It then uses prefix choices to run through THE menu.

For example, after pressing THE speed dial it calls 915 then chooses 1 in the menu en then 2#
The above is our way to choose a different Numberplan to redirect al calls to a different number.

Thnx in advance for THE replies.

RE: Speed dial phone-menu t48g - Yealink_Michael - 05-31-2016 05:52 AM


for this feature, you can use two or three DSS Key , one is for Speed dial , another configured as DTMF for menu options !

when press the speed dial , then phone call out a number ,after receiving the IVR, then press the corresponding DTMF for different menu

is it OK ?


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