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Blind Transfer Callback - cameron - 05-12-2016 06:48 AM

Can someone help me with a little problem we are having?

We are running the latest freepbx/asterisk, and have all yealink phones. t46gs and t48gs.

Currently when we blind transfer to an extension and the call goes to voicemail, the caller will leave a message or hangup and the call is terminated.. when that happens, the original extension that made the transfer gets a call back with nobody there.

I cannot find anything in the log of asterisk that is doing this, so I want to see if its a yealink configuration... can't seem to solve the problem, any help would be appreciated.


RE: Blind Transfer Callback - cameron - 05-12-2016 10:00 PM

This forum just got spam crushed.. need to bump this back up to the top..