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T26P BLF not working firmware - daras - 05-05-2016 02:12 PM


I am using 3cx vesrion 14 and configured BLF on 2 T26p phones and they dont work.

I know i ve done it correctly because when i press the BLF button it dials the extension.

Any help please ?

RE: T26P BLF not working firmware - Yealink_Michael - 05-05-2016 07:33 PM


for this issue, please reset the phone and test again ,

1. make sure that the BLF setting is correct especially for the line settings , it should be the correct line that you used to monitor the account and at the same server :

2. please send us the pcap file , bin file and log file for deeper analysis , we need three files provide at one time ! for how to get them , please refer to below link :