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SIP-T27P VPN config not loading - bradley.abrahams - 05-05-2016 11:51 AM

Hi all

Please advise of any issues uploading openvpn config from FreePBX 11 onto a T27P running latest ( firmware. After uploading config, the phone is not being discovered & DHCP address is not being detected/assigned? Phone remains on "Updating Network!"

RE: SIP-T27P VPN config not loading - Yealink_Michael - 05-05-2016 07:26 PM


the OpenVPN that Yealink phone support need to upload a .tar file into the phone in order to connect to the OpenVPN server

for more details , you can refer to the guide here :​

if the issue still exist, then please kindly provide the server.ovpn and .tar file so that we can check if any configuration is missed


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