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Unregistering instead of busy? - regan - 03-13-2014 06:57 PM

I'm having the following problem with my phone and the service provider is telling me it's something to do my phone settings, not their system. Can anyone tell me if this problem can be solved by changing a setting on my base station end?? Thanks, Regan

My question to SIP provider...

Nope - it's nothing to do with the phone or router - it is something to
do with the settings or it's a bug with the settings. I know this
because if I remove the current "Call Forwarding or trunking" settings
then the "busy" message gets played as expected when the phone is busy.
But as soon as I enable any of those Call Forwarding settings for
"unavailable" or "unreachable/offline" then it just forwards to the
"unavailable" message on "busy", instead of playing the "busy" message.
That's not a phone or router issue.


Unreachable means that it will forward the call if there is an issue reaching
the phone/phone system. It is usually designed for peering customers - not
people registering like you. What I am saying is that I think your phone is in
an unreachable state and therefore it is following the unreachable call
forward logic.

RE: Unregistering instead of busy? - Yealink Support - 03-14-2014 06:58 PM

Sorry for the late reply.
Please make sure your base version and handset version are latest ones.

RE: Unregistering instead of busy? - regan - 04-07-2014 12:37 PM

The base has Firmware Version
Handsets have Software:

Am I able to update the versions if I only have Mac OSX computers?

RE: Unregistering instead of busy? - Yealink Support - 04-08-2014 10:22 PM

1. You can upgrade the base version via MAC OSX but can't upgrade handset version using USB via MAC OSX.
You can refer to more details in Yealink website.
Upgrading W52x Handset Firmware
2. Do your phones search for base timely?

RE: Unregistering instead of busy? - regan - 04-17-2015 11:41 AM

Hello, I have now updated my handsets and base to the latest firmware. I have just tested the W52P and am still having this issue with the phone and my provider.

When the phone is on a call, my VoIP provider is saying that the phone is sending an "unreachable" state instead of a "busy" state to their server when the phone is currently on a call.

So when I select "Forward my calls when I am unavailable to:..." or "Forward my calls when I am unreachable/offline to:..." or "Forward my calls when I am Busy to:..." with my VoIP provider, and someone calls me when I am already talking on the phone, their system thinks the phone is unreachable/offline or unavailable instead of actually being "Busy".

Is there a setting somewhere on the base software which will send the correct "Busy" state to the server?


RE: Unregistering instead of busy? - Yealink_Peter - 04-17-2015 03:25 PM

Hi Regan,

Below points expected to be confirmed from you side:
1. When you are on the phone call, another one try calling you, how does the phone prompts him/her? Usually, if you enable the Call Waiting feature, your phone will prompt you there is another call, if you disable the Call Waiting feature, your phone will tell the second caller busy and forward the call to somewhere defined as your foward rule. But please be aware that call forward feature may be overridden by the server settings.
2. Does any other account which registered to the same base have the same problem?
3. Please reset base station and test again.

BTW, the latest firmwares are: ( Base Firmware ) ( Handset Firmware )
Thank you!

Best Regards,