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Hold/Bridge Configuration - ESGIG - 03-08-2014 04:54 AM

I had a question regarding how to program the T28 phone.
What I would like is whenever I hit the HOLD button, it will place the call on a BLF line and someone else can pick it up by just hitting that DSSKey.

So, if I'm on the phone and I hit hold, it will transfer that call to DSSKey 10 as a BLF.

Can this be done, and if so how?

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - CWR - 03-08-2014 11:55 AM

Are you using with a pbx? That is what would hold a shared parking area that you are needing...
But even then it wouldn't usually be the hold key but using the dss key to put the call on hold.
The hold button is usually just a local phone hold.

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - ESGIG - 03-08-2014 11:13 PM

Yes I am using PBX

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - Yealink Support - 03-10-2014 01:53 PM

Thanks to craig. @ESGIG, i think you should set a Momery key as "call park" feature, then you can pick up this call in other phones.
Please refer to call park feature in admin guide of T2X-V72.

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - ESGIG - 03-11-2014 04:17 AM

So there is no possible way I could park a call to one of those lines by just hitting the hold button?

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - Yealink Support - 03-11-2014 12:37 PM

Sorry. We don't enable this function in HOLD key now. We will add this to wishlist.

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - CWR - 03-11-2014 01:08 PM

How would you know where you are parking to if you only use the hold button?
By dedicating a blf for each hold - you know you are putting the call in SP1 or SP2, etc.

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - ESGIG - 03-12-2014 02:44 AM

I would like it so whenever I hit the hold button it will then send the call to the park ext.

For example If I'm on a call and hit hold --> goes to ext 70 (where my park ext is) --> and 71 and 72 is my parking lot. So if 71 is open the call will go to 71, if 71 is busy the call will go to 72.. And so on.

RE: Hold/Bridge Configuration - jmoore - 07-07-2016 05:38 PM


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