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T23G - No RTCP-XR data being generated - benenta - 04-01-2016 08:41 PM


We have T23G's, running on firmware V80 - UK, and the phone(s) are not producing any RTCP-XR data. All the options are enabled in the phones themselves, but the phone doesn't generate any data. See example below..

Start Time 2016-4-1 13:48:50 Stop Time 2016-4-1 13:48:50
Local user 2002 Remote user 2001
Local IP Remote IP
Local Port 10000 Remote Port 17192
Local codec G722 Remote codec G722
Jitter 0 JitterBufferMax 0
Packets Lost 0 NetworkPacketLossRate 0.000000
MOS-LQ 0.000000 MOS-CQ 0.000000
RoundTripDelay 0 EndSystemDelay 0
SymmOneWayDelay 0 InterarrivalJitter 0

The setting under Settings->Voice Monitoring VQ RTCP-XR Session Report is enabled, and VQ RTCP-XR Interval Report is also enabled.

Anyone have any ideas why this may be occurring?

RE: T23G - No RTCP-XR data being generated - Karl_Yealink - 04-12-2016 05:55 AM


This is YUK version, please contact with Yealink YUK for help.