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yealinkencrypt program issues - entavoip - 03-01-2016 11:42 PM

I am trying to encrypt my auto config files within Debian 8, but the program keeps advising of "no such file or directory". Please see below..

root@opensips:/home/ben# ./yealinkencrypt -f 00156595c4e0.cfg -m
bash: ./yealinkencrypt: No such file or directory

The config file is in the same directory, so I am unsure why the box is complaining. yealinkencrypt is set with 777 access.

Does this program need any other dependancies to function correctly?

RE: yealinkencrypt program issues - Karl_Yealink - 03-03-2016 10:43 AM

Do you use thr right tool and steps?
Please refer to this guide then test again:

If it still can't work, please let me know.