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Registration failed - kgiles - 03-01-2016 08:31 AM


I am running an Elastix 2.5 server with ~20 Yealink phones, mostly T42 ( and some T46 ( They all work great, except that rarely, a phone will be unable to call other extensions or out any trunks. When you look in the phone web gui, it shows "Registration Failed" for the account, but when I look in asterisk , it says that the extension is registered. Forcing the phone to re-register by hitting "confirm" on the account page fixes the issue immediately, the phone shows it is registered and can make calls again.

Has anyone else ever seen this happen on an asterisk system?

Let me know if any logs will help in troubleshooting.


RE: Registration failed - Klaus_Yealink - 03-02-2016 04:52 AM


please try to upgrade to the last firmawre(x.80.0.95),then test again.



RE: Registration failed - kgiles - 03-22-2016 03:14 AM

Upgrading to the firmware version recommended resolved the issue. Thanks for the assistance.