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Which Firmware Version for Update? - lorn10 - 02-21-2014 09:02 PM

We buy recently several T32G and T38G Yealink phones. Currently there is version installed on the T38G models. Which firmware I have to chose for update? At Yealink website there are several firmware files available. Version and are described as "new". However, version seems to be "3CX Phone System" specific. Huh

To make it even more complicated, there exists also country related firmware version for the T38G & T32G phones. I found for example UK ( and German firmware files.

Are these T38G & T32G country specific firmware all binary compatible? Or will I brick / destroy the phones when I "crossflash" to these firmware?

Last question, in final constellation, - all our Yealink phones will be connected to a FreePBX phone server. Exist there a special firmware for that PBX distro?

RE: Which Firmware Version for Update? - CWR - 02-22-2014 03:12 AM

I would ask FreePBX if there are any tested Firmwares for those phones.
We have a bunch of T38's here and when we first got them, I installed the UK Firmware because it had a feature that we needed. We are since back on the US firmware.

We had no issues with bricked phones.