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T20P can't get local contact xml - oea - 02-12-2014 01:34 AM


I try to update the local contact directory via the link including the xml file added to y000000000007.cfg file. By looking some other parameters I know the both config files y000000000007.cfg and MAC.cfg working properly and can be updated to the phone. But the phone cannot get the contact.xml file as expected.

I am using firmware version because this is the only RPS supported version I have. If is there a newer one I can try but RPS service is mandatory for us.



RE: T20P can't get local contact xml - Yealink Support - 02-12-2014 07:41 PM

Hi Evren,

Please give me your contact.xml file, maybe you do a wrong syntax in this xml.
The following shows an example of a local contact file used for SIP-T2xP IP phones:
<group display_name="All Contacts" ring=""/>
<group display_name="Family" ring="Resource:Ring1.wav"/>
<group display_name="Friend" ring="Auto"/>
<contact display_name="Mary" office_number="123" mobile_number="456"
other_number="2201" line="0" ring="Auto" group_id_name="Family"/>
<contact display_name="Damy" office_number="124" mobile_number="789"
other_number="2202" line="1" ring="Resource:Ring2.wav"
<contact display_name="Jack" office_number="125" mobile_number="234"
other_number="2203" line="2" ring="Custom:lin.wav"
<contact display_name="Ada" office_number="8800"
mobile_number="1234" other_number="0000" line="0"/>