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T23G Recovery Firmware Needed - ldeneau - 01-29-2016 06:50 AM


I have four T23G phones all experiencing the same symptoms.
Out of the box, they came with, and our provisioning server tried to push

Since doing this, the phones stopped communicating over IP altogether.

Recovery mode appears to function with tftp, but I am missing the files and can't find them on the site.

Please help!


RE: T23G Recovery Firmware Needed - Karl_Yealink - 01-29-2016 05:44 PM

I sent the files to you via email. Please check.

RE: T23G Recovery Firmware Needed - Venkymms - 02-04-2016 04:49 PM

We have a 3cx phone system and we have T22,T23 and T42 ip phones connected to it. We have several handsets which have failed and need re-flashing and from your recovery document we require the rom, rfs and bin files can you provides these files please. We use alot of these handsets and find them excellent. I hope you can help us.