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T28P - 2.73 firmware.. USA Timezone - toxicfusion - 01-28-2016 10:02 PM


I'm having a difficult time forcing & configuring my auto-provisioned Yealink T28P Phones time zone. This has been a problem for a LONG time. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Trying to FORCE the time zone on office phones to -5 United States-Eastern Time.

What is the appropriate syntax?

Currently using:

local_time.time_zone = -5
local_time.time_zone_name = United States-Eastern
local_time.summer_time = 2
local_time.time_format = 0

However -- apparently. When using "local_time.time_zone = -5"

The phone always defaults to -5 Bahama's

need USA - Eastern Time. help!

RE: T28P - 2.73 firmware.. USA Timezone - Yealink_Michael - 01-29-2016 06:13 AM


thanks for your information

i have checked that the configuration is correct , and Bahama and USA - Eastern Time are using the same time zone

see below



RE: T28P - 2.73 firmware.. USA Timezone - toxicfusion - 02-02-2016 09:58 PM

Thanks for reply

I have another issue with these phones and really want to give up.

2 issues:

LLDP auto voice VLAN is not working. DHCP server is configured with option 132 to send Voice VLAN. yealink T28P Phones boot up but do not automatically go onto Voice VLAN.

NOTE: I have grandstream phones. They boot-up and go onto voice VLAN 100% perfect.

So, manually set the Voice VLAN on the Yealink T28P phones.. this works and voice communicate

HOWEVER - now that phones are on VOICE VLAN.

When we connect a computer to PC Port. the computer does NOT receive an IP address. What is issue? Pulling my hair out

30+ phones doing this for a customer location.... Very frantic.

RE: T28P - 2.73 firmware.. USA Timezone - Yealink_Michael - 02-03-2016 05:17 PM


it seems that the issue is solved in right ?

if any urgent , you can send us an email to

the we will follow up !