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Destination in Use Notification - jholcombe - 01-27-2016 10:16 PM


This was posted on the 3CX forum as well - I'm posting here in case this is a setting I can change directly on the phone or template.

On our previous Nortel BCM phone system, the caller would see that the destination extension was in use if the person they were calling was on the phone. For example, extension 102 is on a call, extension 101 calls extension 102, extension 101 sees a notification on their display that extension 102 is on a call.

We are using 3CX with Yealink T46G phones. Is it possible to have the caller receive such a notification?

We have too many users to assign a BLF key to each user. It would really be helpful if we could somehow alert the caller that the destination is on a call...

Thank you!,


RE: Destination in Use Notification - Klaus_Yealink - 01-28-2016 05:48 AM

Hi John,

For this feature,if you don't use BLF feature,it should be do something in the server side,as you mentioned the previous server could do this,

so I sugget you contact the server provider for help.



RE: Destination in Use Notification - jholcombe - 01-28-2016 10:08 PM

I didn't say the previous server could do this, I said the previous phone system did this. The previous phone system consisted of a Nortel BCM 450 with Nortel phones. Can the software (in this case, 3CX) tell a phone to display something (for example, "On a call" to indicate that the destination is in use? Or is this something I can configure in the phones web interface for users who need this functionality? Thank you!