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T26p BLF for parked call (Solved) - arcinsurance - 01-24-2014 04:21 AM

Hello, I'm using freepbx and have a park button configured on the memory keys with "call park, value 700, Line 1. Which sends calls to the parking slots 701, 702. Then I have a BLF key configured for each slot which shows green or red depending on whether or not a call is parked in the slot. This all works fine but I noticed that if you accidentally press one of the blf's instead of the call park button, the caller hears "there is no call parked on that extension" and then is hung up on.

It seems that the blf transfers the caller to the noone parked message and then hangs up on them. Is there some way that I can keep it from dropping the call if someone accidentally hits the blf key while in a call. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi, I figured out that in the settings, feature, transfer there is an option to change the function of the "transfer mode via dss key". I set it to attended and now the message is played and the caller is sent to hold which can be picked up so they are not lost.