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VAD Bandwidth gain on G722 and G729 - avayax - 01-12-2016 09:38 PM

By default, VAD is disabled on my T23G phones.

How much bandwidth would I on average be conserving on G722 and G729 calls with VAD enabled?

Are there any disadvantages in turning it on?

RE: VAD Bandwidth gain on G722 and G729 - Yealink_Michael - 01-13-2016 05:50 AM


Voice Activity Detection (VAD) is used in speech processing to detect the presence or
absence of human speech. When detecting period of “silence”, VAD replaces that
silence efficiently with special packets that indicate silence is occurring. It can facilitate
speech processing, and deactivate some processes during non-speech section of an
audio session. VAD can avoid unnecessary coding or transmission of silence packets in
VoIP applications, saving on computation and network bandwidth.

For the present , no obvious disadvantage is found in turning it on


RE: VAD Bandwidth gain on G722 and G729 - ronrogers - 03-05-2016 06:02 PM

Input signals sampled at 16 kHz, but with bandwidth limited to NB, are detected by the encoder.It indicates the input frame activity for performing voice activity detection (VAD). ITU-T G.729 contains the description of an algorithm for the coding of speech.The last column in the table lists the G.729 MOS. The other DTX annexes (F and G), offer similar bandwidth savings whenThe codecs such as Internet low bit rate codec (iLBC) [URL (iLBC)], G.722 the availability of higher network bandwidth from service providers, VAD/CNG is not.Custom essay writing service provides you the detailed information to understand everything about this topic.