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Problem with NTP - radzero - 01-08-2016 09:03 PM

I have configured in 6 phones T21P NTP server and nothing happens every phone has different time. When phone reboots starts from 00:00

What is happening

RE: Problem with NTP - Karl_Yealink - 01-08-2016 11:18 PM

Please disable the DHCP time then test again.

RE: Problem with NTP - Vdm - 06-06-2016 02:48 PM

I have the same problem. Phone time is not synchronized.
T21 P E2 is configured to use NTP server configured on Windows 2012r2.
In pcap file I can see that phone is sending NTP request, and response from server is received, but time is not set on phone.
T22 phones is working OK with the same NTP server.