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T28P phone - Vlan & LLDP dhcp option - toxicfusion - 01-03-2016 10:00 AM


I'm having difficulty getting a handful of Yealink T28P phones to work with automatically obtaining an IP address using DHCP Option 132.

I've configured router & switches.. Option 132 works 100% perfect on Grandstream phones I have. The phone will power on, and automatically switch to the voice VLAN.

However, the Yealink T28P phones when powered on, Will be stuck on "Obtaining IP address" and never goes to the voice VLAN.

If i manually set the VLAN option within phone network settings, phone reboots and works fine. Any idea?

Firmware: 2.7

RE: T28P phone - Vlan & LLDP dhcp option - Karl_Yealink - 01-05-2016 05:09 AM

Would you pleaes tell me the firmware of the phones?
You tell us the firmware is 2.7, I can't know the firmware from the 2.7.

Suggest that you can upgrade to the latest firmware and test again.
Here is the link: