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T28 "blonde" transfer on asterisk - drookie - 12-29-2015 04:52 PM


Asterisk 11/T28P

One of my user is requesting "blonde" transfer feature from BLF keys. It's when a user is doing an attended transfer, but decides not to wait until the person that he transfers the call to picks up. The problem is, no matter what I'm doing, this "blonde" transfer from BLF doesn't return the call to the transferer, it leaves it on hold.

Now about diagnostics:

- I've tested this method using asterisk internal attended transfer, and it's working as intended (the call is returning to a person that started the transfer). And yes, I made all the prerequisites for the * feature 'atxferdropcall = no' to work, so it's working.
- Using the T28 phone transfer from BLF, the call is transferred, but in a "blonde" mode when the person that the call is transferred to is not picking up and the transferer hung up, the call stays on hold (since the T28 makes another call for it - it seems logical, but my user insists on mimicking the analog PBX mode).
- Using the asterisk internal transfer from BLF - when I bind the atxfer feature code onto a BLF key instead of extension, transfer works in exactly same way as when the phone does it - i.e. the call is not returning.

Seems like I didn't succeed in disabling the phone transfer, is this acievable at all ?
Or may be there's another way of doing it.


RE: T28 "blonde" transfer on asterisk - Karl_Yealink - 12-29-2015 05:24 PM

A call to B, B attended transfer to C.
C hang up the call, and the B will hold the A.
Is it what you said?

If yes, it's normally. When B transfer A to C, B will hold A firstly. So if C hung up the call, B will go to interface of hold.

If no, please tell me more detail info.