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DHCP and time/timezone on T23G - avayax - 12-24-2015 09:51 PM

What exactly does the DHCP Time = Enabled under Time and Date do?

Looks like setting this to yes should pull time zone from the DHCP server, but it never does. Is that a bug?
I am still required to set the time zone field.

In fact I am looking for a way to set timezone automatically, because I have many remote phones on VPN using FreePBX Endpoint manager config files.
In FreePBX EPM, I find it inconvenient to have to build a template for each one of my remote phones in different time zones.

Now, with Yealink being certified for FreePBX, I hope you can find a way to fix this.

RE: DHCP and time/timezone on T23G - Karl_Yealink - 12-25-2015 05:09 AM


You can get more info about the time and date from the guide(page 131) below.