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Admin password changes on T28P - Andrew@Techulike - 12-15-2015 12:05 AM

I have a T28P running Firmware Version and once setup the username and password to access the web gui changes and so we lose control of the phone. Is this something anyone has seen and is there a cure.

Unsure if it's just this phone or the firmware as only have one of this model on the site.

RE: Admin password changes on T28P - Klaus_Yealink - 12-15-2015 06:49 AM


For this issue,please long press the "ok" button,then there will show a warning sentence,select ok,then the phone will reset,

after that,please try to use double "admin" to access the web UI!

if it can not work either,please contact the server provider or phone provider for help,because if you have a DHCP or PNP

enviroment,once you reset the phone,phone will send request to the server,and download the cfg files again.

so if there is sentence about password and username in the cfg file,please delete it,then test again!

Any question,please contact me freely!