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Telify Click to Dial with T20 - jezstrong - 12-11-2015 01:15 AM

Is it possible to use Telify click to dial Firefox plugin with the Yealink T20 and if so does anyone know what the Custom URL should be?

I've tried using it with our T48 with no problem but I've tried checking out all of the forum threads to find out about compatibility with the T2x range of phones to no avail.

Quite a few threads indicate that the following URL should do the trick:


I've added my computer IP to the trusted IP under Features>Remote Control .
Any ideas?

RE: Telify Click to Dial with T20 - Karl_Yealink - 12-11-2015 02:20 AM


Please try this:
http://IPaddress/cgi-bin/ address

RE: Telify Click to Dial with T20 - jennymoore - 01-08-2016 04:23 PM

What I'm sure would work is a third party CTI that I've been using for quite some time now which is called Callinize. They have click to dial and features like screen pop up on incoming and outgoing calls, easy note and task creation, handling multiple matches and creating new leads when no contact match from CRM. Here is a complete list of integrations

RE: Telify Click to Dial with T20 - KPatricia - 10-13-2016 07:38 PM

Hi ! I see Callinize was mentioned here. Just wanted to point out that it's now called Tenfold. A great dialing software should help reps automate the sales call process. The features one should look include click to dial, predictive dialing and caller ID. Sales reps should be able to make calls by simply clicking on the number, and information on the person being called should be easily accessible to the caller. You can check this out - >