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T21P won't place calls from History - JanAugCPA - 12-09-2015 11:05 AM

I've seen similar complaints on different models. New T21P E2 with supposedly the latest firmware, connected to new Vonage service in my home office. The manual says I should be able to call any number in History by pressing "send" but the phone adds an IP address to the number, and the call always fails, with an "Unknown uri scheme" message.

The number I am trying to return is to my home phone which is a copper land line. I also tried returning a client's call earlier today, which I know was also from a land line, but I had to give up and enter the number manually.

This is obviously a bug - every phone in the world with Caller ID can place calls to the numbers in call history, and of course the manual says this should be the case. Vonage "customer care" says this is a limitation of the phone.

Along with the inability to fast forward or rewind through voice mails, so far I am very unimpressed with my new VOIP experience, which I thought was going to be far superior to CenturyLink.


Jan A the CPA

RE: T21P won't place calls from History - Yealink_Michael - 12-09-2015 06:29 PM

hi Jan

sorry for the inconvenience

for this issue , you can solve it through auto provision , just modify the below sentence :

custom.features.redial_via_local_sip_server.enable = 1

for how to finish auto provision , please refer to the guide download from below link :



RE: T21P won't place calls from History - JanAugCPA - 12-10-2015 03:28 AM

I have tried to understand what auto-provisioning is, and I have no idea what half of the verbiage is all about. It also looks extremely time-consuming,with multiple steps.

I saw another suggestion in a different post and I have double-checked that the # key is already also programmed to Send, but it doesn't work any better.

I am a sole proprietor with no employees and no extensions, I am not an IT person with a big company, although I'm not a complete idiot - I actually know how to make registry changes in Windows and I administrate websites and online groups for myself and two non-profits, but auto-provisioning is well beyond the time I am willing to spend on this or the expertise I should be expected to have.

The bottom line is that this is not an acceptable solution for me to have to go through in order to fix what should be a feature of this phone according to your own user's manual. As follows:

Call History
1. Press the History soft key when the phone is idle, press ^ or v to scroll through the list.
2. Select an entry from the list, you can do the following:
* Press the Send soft key to call the entry.

I am within my first month of service with Vonage. I believe there are better phones available. Sorry, Yealink.