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Detection of device model - sjamaan - 12-04-2015 04:06 PM

Hi all,

With the upgraded firmware (v80) I notice that now the $PN variable's value on a T41P phone defaults to "yealink_txp_dm" instead of the old "t41p" which the previous version of the firmware sent. The provisioning guide still mentions that to provision different models, you can place the configuration files under a directory that match the model name via the $PN variable. That's no longer true if these phones all send the same code.

Is there a reason this was changed, and is there a way to get the model name so that either the DHCP server can respond with a correct model-specific provisioning URL, or the phone will automatically retrieve it?

RE: Detection of device model - Karl_Yealink - 12-04-2015 07:15 PM


You can change the &PN by using the syntac below.
Or you can change the directory name to yealink_txp_dm.