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CP860 - Yealink Re-seller - SeccomGlobal - 12-01-2015 12:35 PM


We have a CP860 we are having issues with.
Do you have any intention of creating a 3cx Template for this device.

In the current configuration the device stays up and can make calls outwards, and can also dial out to add new numbers to a conference but cannot recieve calls directly.

i have attached the extended config and level 5 logs.

We would appreciate a resolution to this as we have tried to make it work for the better part of a few months.

Kind Regards

Lucas - Seccom Global


RE: CP860 - Yealink Re-seller - James_Yealink - 12-01-2015 07:56 PM

Hello Lucas,

It seems that the syslog is not complete. Can you please get a new pcap and level 6 syslog by follow steps:

1. Set syslog to level 6 under Setting-> Configuration.
2. Enable pcap feature under Setting-> Configuration.
3. Reproduce the issue and export them.