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DHCP Time - avayax - 11-27-2015 11:17 AM

I would like my T23G to obtain the current time from its DHCP server.
I can set DHCP time to enabled ,but the time on the phone will still be dependent on what I set in the timezone field. This can be inconvenient when using remote extensions as I have to worry about what timezones they will be in.

How do I obtain time zone from local DHCP?

RE: DHCP Time - Yealink_Michael - 11-27-2015 04:49 PM


would you please try to disable DHCP time and dill in your DHCP time NTP server to the Primary Server and Secondary Server , then try again ?



RE: DHCP Time - avayax - 11-28-2015 05:31 AM

Disabled time zone and put my DHCP address into Primary and secondary server. Still I have to manually set the timezone, cause it won't set to the timezone the DHCP is in.
How can I have the timezone be pulled from DHCP?

RE: DHCP Time - perezellen - 02-17-2016 04:44 PM

POSIX provides a standard for how to express timezone information
in a character string. Use of such a string can provide accuracy for
at least one transition into and out of daylight saving time (DST),
and possibly for more transitions if the transitions are regular
enough However, for accuracy over longer periods that involve daylight-
saving rule changes or other irregular changes, a more detailed
mechanism is necessary.