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BLF Key stripping hyphen - dyminsystems_Support - 11-25-2015 06:39 AM

Hi all -

I've got a multi-tenant phone system that I host. This software keeps different customers separate by prepending an account code and hyphen to the front of every extension number. For example, extension 2001 for the company "Bob's Burgers" would be something like bob-2001.

My problem is that BLF keys on my T42G and T48G phones (and likely others), when pressed, automatically strip the hyphen from "bob-2001" when the call is sent. This causes my software to not know what extension was dialed.

I tried playing around with the dial plan, but a-z aren't really supported in it.

Anybody got any ideas? I've looked through the documentation to figure out a workaround, but I haven't had any luck yet.



RE: BLF Key stripping hyphen - James_Yealink - 11-26-2015 12:38 AM


Please check whether there is "-" in option "call number filter" under Feature-> General Information.


RE: BLF Key stripping hyphen - dyminsystems_Support - 12-07-2015 10:56 PM

Looks like someone may have replied to this and then deleted their reply?

I'm going to do one bump here, I really need a solution to this.

Disregard my last post, I just didn't know how to browse this forum.

Yealink_James, that was exactly it!! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.