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Shared Line - Axion Communications - 01-10-2014 11:57 AM

The shared line functionality seems to be disabled on the T46. I've tried several firmware versions and the Shared Line Dropdown only has an option for Disabled.

RE: Shared Line - Yealink Support - 01-10-2014 03:38 PM

Hi jtcary,

Do you use Broadsoft?
Please refer to our broadsoft solutions which have special broadsoft versions.

RE: Shared Line - Axion Communications - 01-11-2014 12:12 AM

No we don't. We use asterisk and Kamailio which also support this functionality. This functionality worked in the T3x series.

RE: Shared Line - Yealink Support - 01-11-2014 11:51 AM

Hi jtcary,

I think you call this shared line as BLA. This feature can be realized in our neutral version.