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features.dtmf.duration - mcooper06 - 11-17-2015 10:45 PM

We are manually configuring Yealink T-46G phones to operate with 3CX V14 (long story - but we are not deploying by template).

We seem to be having some DTMF issues and I am noting that this parameter appears in the onboard 3CX template, but not in the phone GUI itself anywhere. How would I go about changing it on the phone?

Using firmware:


RE: features.dtmf.duration - Yealink_Michael - 11-18-2015 05:41 AM

hi Michael

thanks for your information

may i know that what kind of DTMF issue you are facing ?

normally , DTMF parameters webpage path is : Account -> Advanced then you can find DTMF options !

if not ,then , that means the parameter can only be modified through auto provision . you can refer to more details from the guide download from below linkļ¼š