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Warranty Service - bcameron70 - 11-11-2015 09:02 PM

Hey there, bought a T23G back in August and the unit is now bricked somehow. Multiple people have tried multiple times to factory reset the unit, however it keeps coming back with old settings that are not working. We have tried to contact YeaLink through address two weeks ago, however we have not received any help. Any suggestions on how to reach support to get this unit changed out?
We were testing this unit before selling to our clients.

RE: Warranty Service - dukelaw05 - 11-12-2015 01:31 AM

I have a similar problem with a T48G. I cannot find any information about making a warranty claim in the US. It seems like Yealink doesn't stand behind the products they sell. This is otherwise an outstanding phone, but I cannot deal with it frequently going to a "Green Screen of Death" and then rebooting in the middle of calls. I'm eager to hear whether anyone can provide any helpful information in this regard.

RE: Warranty Service - James_Yealink - 11-12-2015 06:08 AM

Hello Ben,

I searched our support mail box but don't find the mail. Can you let me know the mail title and the date you sent?
About your issue, if phone will go back to old setting after reset, there should be a provision setting configured. May I know who set up the phone for you? You can try contacting them.

Hello Duke,

We provide warranty service. Since we are located in China, it's not convenient and costly to manage the warranty directly. So we send addtional units to our local distributors and they will handle warranty service.
So you can contact the vendor who sell phones to you for RMA service. To your issue, we had replied in ticket.