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Yealink All Models DHCPv6 DUID - GeorgSchwarz - 12-30-2013 08:01 AM

Hi everyone!
Sorry for posting so many things during the last weeks, but we are currently doing a major update.

One of out taks is to get our whole HostedPBX-System ready for IPv6 deployment. First thing I have to say: Kudos to Yealink, you are far ahead af some other manufacturers, my first IPv6 test just worked like a charm! All telephony-related- features were tested successfully on IPv6 within a half days work.

So, now we're in the phase adding DHCPv6 stateful autoconfig to our system. As I cannot make reservervations based on MACs in DHCPv6 any more, I wanted to ask how your phones generate their dhcp6c_duid value.

Is it completetly random, or can we somehow calculate this value based on the MAC, so that we can ensure that we can successfully assign a defined IPv6 to every phone we provision?

Thanks in advance
Best from Austria,

RE: Yealink All Models DHCPv6 DUID - Yealink Support - 12-30-2013 11:24 AM

Hi GeorgSchwarz,

I have submitted your question to the corresponding person.
If i get the feedback from him, i will update for you.

RE: Yealink All Models DHCPv6 DUID - GeorgSchwarz - 02-10-2014 07:48 PM


For those who are concerned:

Yealink phones generate their DHCP DUID based on very first boot-up-time + MAC address.
However with ISC DHCP (the one we are using) you can make a MAC-based reservation as the phone reports the Time+MAC style to the DHCP server and the server subsequently allows reserving using the MAC-address:


host 0315232251018 {
hardware ethernet 00:15:65:4a:9f:b3;
fixed-address6 2001:db8:c::215:65ff:fe4a:9fb3;