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Multiple T46 Custom Ringtone upload - - 10-30-2015 09:40 AM

We have uploaded 10 custom ringtones via an individual phone's web interface. They show up in addition to the Ring1-Ring8 in the web interface. Users are able to use the phone keypad interface basic settings to select the ringtone they desire.

While we have been able to achieve the upload of multiple custom ringtones through an individual phone's web interface, we want to place such in the config file - when deploying 100 phones, we certainly cannot upload 10 custom ringtones in 100 individual phones.

How can this be configured in the config file? We understand the ringtone.url setting, but that only allows one ringtone to be uploaded. How can we upload multiple ringtones in the config file?

OK - got it figured out. Simply put multiple ringtone.url lines in your config file, placing a different ringtone url in each instance.

All 10 custom ringtones downloaded to the phone through the config file with no issues.

RE: Multiple T46 Custom Ringtone upload - Yealink_Michael - 10-30-2015 05:16 PM


thanks for your sharing , if anything we can help ,just let us know



RE: Multiple T46 Custom Ringtone upload - fgibert - 03-23-2016 10:07 PM


Following the 1st request, is it possible to upload several music files?
I did:
ringtone.url = http://xxxx/yealink/ringtones/LoveViolinSound.wav
ringtone.url = http://xxxx/yealink/ringtones/russian-ringtone.wav
but it download only the last one.
How can I configure to download several?


RE: Multiple T46 Custom Ringtone upload - bflorin - 10-13-2016 04:20 AM

Note for anyone else, from the last post I wasn't sure if ringtone.url needed to be a unique value. It doesn't- this worked for me and added the three files to the list of available ringtones on the phone.

ringtone.url = tftp://
ringtone.url = tftp://
ringtone.url = tftp://