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The advantages of the WDM technology - jorna - 10-28-2015 03:36 PM

WDM technology is rapid development in recent years, because it has the following advantages:
(1) the transmission capacity is big, can save valuable fiber resources.For example for 16 2.5 Gb/s system, single wavelength fiber optic system need 32 optical fiber, and WDM system only need two optical fibers.
(2) for all kinds of business "transparent" signal, can be different types of signal transmission, such as digital signal and analog signal, and can carry on the synthesis and decomposition.
(3) the WDM technology is the ideal means of expansion.Network capacity does not need to lay more fiber, also do not need to use the high speed of network components, only need to change the machine and add an additional light wavelength can introduce any new business or expand capacity.
(4) to form a dynamic reconfigurable optical network, the network node using optical multiplexing multiplexer (high) or use the OXC equipment (propsed, can form with high flexibility, high reliability, high survivability of all-optical network.

RE: The advantages of the WDM technology - Yealink_Michael - 10-28-2015 05:19 PM

thanks for your sharing