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Yealink T42G boot.log - iromero - 10-27-2015 10:03 PM


I have a YealinkT42G with the last FW - T42- I get a file in my tftpserver that is MAC-boot.log and i don want to get it by default, i added in the provisioning file this lines:

syslog.mode = 0
syslog.log_level = 0

And I still get the file.

Is there any way to disable this log?

Thank you.

RE: Yealink T42G boot.log - James_Yealink - 10-27-2015 11:40 PM


MAC.log is phone syslog and will always be generated.
The parameter syslog.mode configure a method to export syslog(local, server, FTP/TFTP)
The parameter syslog.log_level configure the detailed level of syslog information to be exported.


RE: Yealink T42G boot.log - iromero - 10-28-2015 12:18 AM


In the previous FW the phone doesn't make those files.

I tried to send them to a TFTP server but it only sends the "MACsys.log" file lefting the -boot.log in the MAC.cfg folder....

There is no way to change this? like the older FWs...