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Speakerphone fading out - Barnabas - 12-14-2013 08:20 AM


One of our customers using a T38G reported that when he is on the speakerphone, the microphone becomes weaker and weaker. People reported that they couldn't hear him well until he picked up the handset and then everything worked fine.

The phone has S/N 1106313083400799 with FW Shall I upgrade the firmware? This firmware has RPS link built in and we need that for remote provisioning.

Any advise is appreciated.

Thank you,

RE: Speakerphone fading out - Yealink Support - 12-17-2013 11:35 AM

Hi Barnabas,

Please test as below steps and do a troublehooting.
A registers in T38G, B registers in the other phone
1. B calls to A
2. A picks up the handset
3. Then A press the microphone key
4. You can hear the voice from handset and microphone
5. Please check whether the voice of microphone become weaker and weaker.
If yes, the microphone is broken, please go for a RMA process.
If not, it is the reason of firmware probably.