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event list BLF - centoasa - 10-20-2015 01:21 AM

How can I configure my T38 with Grandstream UCM6102 to use with event list blf?
If I add UCM_remoteBLF as event list, and set it into T38, blf button show "undefined" and all button are off.

RE: event list BLF - centoasa - 10-20-2015 02:47 AM

I would to show on other phones my dnd status setting by programmable key on the T38

RE: event list BLF - James_Yealink - 10-20-2015 11:21 AM

Hello, do you mean BLF list feature? we haven't tested the feature in T38 with UCM6102. They should not be full compatible.
Can BLF work with UCM6102?


RE: event list BLF - centoasa - 10-20-2015 06:04 PM

Yes, blf list features. When I try to add blf list as button dss, my dss button light off.
blf works well with UCM6102