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Directory Settings XML - Not Super Search - stoogefan - 12-04-2013 08:33 AM

I have seen a couple of threads about configuring super search, but I can't find a way to auto-provision the directory settings - listed above the search settings in the Web interface of the phones (see attached image). Through some experimenting, I know that this is set by the directory_setting.url variable, but I cannot find documentation for the format of this xml file. It appears that this file uses a similar format to the super_search.xml file but the id_name must be different. Does anyone have an example of how this file is formatted?

RE: Directory Settings XML - Not Super Search - Yealink Support - 12-04-2013 05:22 PM

Hi stoogefan,

1. Download the which contains "common.cfg" and "favorite_setting.xml" in XML Template Files floder.
2. Edit the favorite_setting.xml,
<item id_name="localdirectory" display_name="Local Directory" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="history" display_name="History" priority="2" enable="0" />
<item id_name="networkcalllog" display_name="Network CallLog" priority="3" enable="0" />
<item id_name="remotedirectory" display_name="Remote Phone Book" priority="4" enable="0" />
<item id_name="ldap" display_name="LDAP" priority="5" enable="0" />
<item id_name="broadsoftdirectory" display_name="Broadsoft Directory" priority="6" enable="0" />

3. Fill the url of favorite_setting.xml in the "directory_setting.url = " in common.cfg
For example:
super_search.url =

4. Rename common.cfg as y0000000000xx.cfg
5. Upload y0000000000xx.cfg and favorite_setting.xml to the specific server
6. Then auto-provisioning

RE: Directory Settings XML - Not Super Search - stoogefan - 12-05-2013 02:18 AM

Thank You! This worked.

Do you have any information for the WebItemsLevel.cfg file?
It appears that this is how I could change what options are available in the Web interface to the "User" login. If so, this would be very nice indeed! There appears to be a number of different values for each item. I would guess that a value of "0" would let that item be editable by all users, the value of "1" to be editable by "var" and "admin", and a value of "2" is for "admin" only. There are a few options with the value of "01". I'm not sure if those are the same as "1" or not.

RE: Directory Settings XML - Not Super Search - Yealink Support - 12-09-2013 04:47 PM

Hi stoogefan,

Yes. WebItemsLevel.cfg configures the access URL of the file, which defines 3-level access permissions for web user interface.
It takes effect after reboot.