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T28P Backlight Bug - ljames299 - 10-08-2015 01:57 AM

There seems to be a bug in the latest firmware for the T28P.

I have the backlight timer set to 60 sec, and this works correctly. However, when a phone receives a visual alert for BLF pickup the backlight will stay on indefinitely until the phone is used to make or receive a call - then the backlight timer works correctly again. So if a call comes in after business hours, or a phone that is rarely used receives a visual BLF dialog, the backlights could be on until the next morning, or for several days until the phone is used again.

I tried turning off the visual dialog, which is not ideal (features.pickup.blf_visual_enable = 0), however, when the visual dialog is turned off, then the audio alert does not work either, even if it is set on (features.pickup.blf_audo_enable = 1).

I am using firmware on T28P handsets with Asterisk 11 on the backend.