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Audio quality problems... - Constantin - 10-08-2015 01:14 AM

Hypertec BCDR ( has audio quality problems with the Yealinks T23G, T42G, T46G and T48G . Over 500 phones deployed .
The older Yealink T22 have no background noise, no tunnel audio sound , the sound is great .
We have the latest firmware loaded. We adjusted with VAD, Echo Cancelation and Comfort Noise Generation settings into the Yealink new phones but we are not able to get rid of the background /environment noise or tunnel sound .
We lowered the gain settings in our PBXs into the Yealink templates .
Can you describe the 'tunnel' sound'? The person sounds as if he was under water
Is it more of an echo? No
It only affects the handset operation? Yes
Speaker is OK? Yes
Headset is OK? No


RE: Audio quality problems... - - 10-17-2015 11:35 PM

Got the same issue, but cant get anyone to reply. This has been one going issue with these phones. I will see a complaint on the forums and when you go back later to see if their is a resolution, the whole post is gone. I like the phones, but my users DONT.

If you take the handset and plug into the headset port, I get good quality. Last time I tried to get this resolved, I was told to plug into headset port....REALLY? Another suggestion is to up the volume with the rocker (OMG). Yes... I have the latest firmware . 80.0.70 which was suppose to fix quality issues, but my users say its still muffled unless the plug into the headset port and have to press the headset button when they want to talk. This has not changed in the year that we have installed the phones with various firmware updates. If your suggestion is to plug into headset port, please don't waste your time or mine. I supply hospitals and professional offices with service, asking them to do stupid stuff like that is not an answer. The new firmware did not fix the "muffled audio" that the phone users hear.... I have tested and stand to lose $$$$$$ thousands on these phones unless a solution is found.

I want the handset port to have the quality of the headset port.... period

Can anyone help?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anderson, SC