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Autoprovisioning Directory Settings - jluis - 11-21-2013 02:57 PM

Hi there,

Need help to a specific configuration on Yealink autoprovisioning.

I searched all the provisioning files I could find but wasn't able to find any that specifies where the settings for the Directory and the Search Source List in Dialing are.

I want to add an XML Remote Phone Book on Directory and Search Source List in Dialing -> Enabled

The phones are T22P and T26P (all running .71) and I want to allow them to show the contact on the dialing pad when you press the keys corresponding.

anyone got this through?

pls help

RE: Autoprovisioning Directory Settings - Yealink Support - 11-25-2013 04:24 PM

Hi jluis,

yes, you can configue this feature in auto-provisioning template.
1. Download the
which contains "common.cfg" and "super_search.xml" in XML Template Files floder.
2. Edit the super_search.xml, enable "remote_directory_search" as 1
<item id_name="local_directory_search" display_name="Local Contacts" priority="1" enable="1" />
<item id_name="calllog_search" display_name="History" priority="2" enable="1" />
<item id_name="remote_directory_search" display_name="Remote Phonebook" priority="3" enable="1" />
<item id_name="ldap_search" display_name="LDAP" priority="4" enable="0" />
<item id_name="BroadSoft_directory_search" display_name="Network Directories" priority="5" enable="0" />
3. Fill the url of super_search.xml in the "super_search.url = " in common.cfg
For example:
super_search.url =

4. Rename common.cfg as y0000000000xx.cfg
5. Upload y0000000000xx.cfg and super_search.xml to the specific server
6. Then auto-provisioning

Please search "search source list in dialing" in below auto-provisioning guide.

RE: Autoprovisioning Directory Settings - jmanhique - 11-30-2013 07:51 PM

Thank you so much!!!!