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Full Version: Difference between T19P and T19P-E2
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Hi all,

I need some clarification with respect the differences between models T19P and T19P-E2.
On the Yealink web site I see that model T19P-E2 supports G.722 codec ( wideband ) while T19P doesn´t, but here in my country ( Peru ) Yealink distributors sell model T19P as one that supports G.722 and they don´t know anything about model T19P-E2.
Or just it´s needed to update the firmware in order that T19P supports G.722?

What´s the truth?
My initial reaction was that they updated the display on the T19-E2 (the E2 has a backlight, the original T19 did not). There could be other specs that have changed but since they kept the same model number it seems like it would be only a small adjustment. That's my observation anyway, I'm sure someone official can chime in with more details.
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