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Full Version: MWI disappears after reboot
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When an account has voicemail and the phone (I tested a T28P) is rebooted, the MWI light does not return to proper state.

From my tcpdump, I see the phone REGISTER and soon after the PBX sends the NOTIFY for the message waiting. But the display of the phone is still showing "Initializing..." and once the phone finally completes its booting cycle, the message's light remains off.

Anyway we can work around this?

I enabled "Subscribe MWI to Voicemail" but I don't see SUBSCRIBE being sent to the PBX ...

I am using Freeswitch.

Hi braymond,

Do you use the version This issue has been found and we are solving now.
If this version for freeswitch is released, i will update for you.

I am using the latest firmware:

Hi braymond,

Yes, we will update a new version for freeswitch.
If the version is released, i will update for you.
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