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Full Version: DTMF time duration
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hi !
my request is a longer duration time of dtmf tone.
it sounds only 200 ms (about) instead of all time i press number.
in fact i tried to setup my alarm control (that works with DTMF to go from a menu to another) and using T20 and T38 it does not work.
in the same network voip there are other phones likes cisco, netfon, gigaset and all works fine because they have duration of tones for all times i push button.
so i think in next firmware to put the availability to set duration of dtmf tones
Hi bellopapo,

Do you mean to increase the time of DTMF tone?
I will submit your request to our product department.
hi !
thanks for your fast reply
exactly !!! increasing time for dtmf tone is a essential for yealink phones to become absolutely compatible with new feautures of home automation.
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