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Full Version: BT40 with Voyager Legend CS no sound
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I purchased a T46G with a BT40 and Voyager Ledgend CS. I have successfully paired the device, the headset button is lit.

I make a call to the phone, and the press the "answer call" button on the Voyager, the call answers, but there is no audio. I have to pick up the handset, then put it back down again for there to be audio.

Is this normal operation? Do I really need to physically pick up the handset before the audio will work on the bluetooth device?
Are you using the Yealink Bluetooth dongle or the CS dongle?
We're using the yealink bluetooth dongle and the headset is paired to the phone directly.
I also have this issue. When I make a call with the phone, everything works perfectly. But when I get called and pick up the call, I don't here the caller and he doesn't hear me.

I bought the Yealink Bluetooth Dongle and the Plantronics Voyager Legend because it is on the compatibility list and this pisses me off. Is there no sufficient quality control on Yealink?
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