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Full Version: On call notification in IP Phone screen
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Hi folks,

I am trying to emulate something that can be done in the old Nortel Meridian Digital phones, and is the following.

When a user calls another and the other party is in a call, I want the phone to notify in caller's screen that the the called extension is in a call, so he can maybe call later and not to wait the voicemail message to say he/she is using the phone. I don't know if this can be done in with yealink, I already tested the BLF feature but I would need a BLF key for every extension that we have in the PBX, so imagine a 50 extensions PBX. I am actually using Yealink T2XP and Elastix as IP PBX.

I really need this feature because sometimes people call each other and think the called party don't want to take the call when what really happens is that he/she has a call.

Hi snowygarcia,

Yealink T2X v71 version can support "call-completion".
Call completion allows users to monitor the busy party and establish a call when the
busy party becomes available to receive a call.

You can refer to the admin guide from page 72 to page 74.
This is not a plug and play feature, it requires the server support but I don't find a way to activated in the server. I tested using asterisk and SIPXECS with no luck.

I initiated an internal call in the phone A, I called phone A from phone B, the call appears as call waiting in phone A so I didn't answer and left the call to ring, I hang up in phone B, I hang up phone A but phone B does not receive any notification. What kind of message should I receive?

Does anyone has a guideline for Asterisk and SIPXECS?

Since version 1.8 Asterisk has the CCBS feature, you can hangup and dial a feature code within 20 sec. and you'll be called if phone B is idle.
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