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Full Version: Central Remote Address Book with Web Administration
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See Attached File!
  • PHP
  • PDO-PHP-sqlite / php-sqlite
To Install:
  • Copy + Paste
  • Change define constant DB_NAME to path an filename to contacts.db
  • Point your browser to the script and setup

To Use as Remote Phonebook on Yealink
- Goto WebGUI > Contacts > Remote Phone book
http://server:port/scriptname.php?phone=yealink (default phone book)
     or http://server:port/scriptname.php?phone=yealink&dir=phonebook2
     or http://server:port/scriptname.php?phone=yealink&dir=phonebook1|phonebook2
- or Auto Provision by methods listed in the file
Code: = http://ipaddress:port/scriptname.php&phone=yealink = Default Directory
--and/or-- = http://ipaddress:port/scriptname.php&phone=yealink&dir=phonebook2 = Directory 2
--and/or-- = http://ipaddress:port/scriptname.php&phone=yealink&dir=phonebook1|phonebook2 = Combined Directory

Yes It's poorly documented! So, Don't Use It!
Hi coolznet,

You can use our phonebook generation tool to generate remote phonebook or local phonebook.
(10-28-2013 05:51 PM)Yealink Support Wrote: [ -> ]Hi coolznet,

You can use our phonebook generation tool to generate remote phonebook or local phonebook.

This script allows you to have online phone book that can be edit and be browsed by the phone. Script sends XML header with all schema. It does not physically create a xml file. Run the script and find out. Smile
Thank you for this script, very useful and flexible.
I wonder why Yealink doesn't have XML library like Aastra, but documentation only.
Hi nodekra,

Thanks for your advice. I will feed back to our document department.
Thank you very much for your advice!
Thank you for the information and for the script. I hope it will be useful for me to write a coursework on programming. First I wanted to order it on this site. But then I found an excellent resource where it was written that I can use the list of contacts from a common source on other platforms by changing the output of XML. Also, I can change the script as needed.
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