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Full Version: Dial plan for differente length for differente prefixes
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I have a Yealing SIP-T28P. I want to configure it so when I dial a number for which its length is known (depending on the prefix) the phone do not wait the inter digit time (default = 4 seconds) and inmediately sends the number (minimum time out for dial-now rule is 1 seconds; I would prefer it was 0 seconds).

If you have diferent lengths starting with a common prefix, you have to specify those different prefixes going longer than the common prefix. For example, in my country all numbers starting with 0 have a length of 3 digits, except 00 (international code prefix) and 067 (for hiding my telephone number). I have configured the next rules:


No rule for 00 as the length might be variable.

067 also has a variable length, so I include that rule with 13 digits after the prefix 067, supposing I will never dial a number longer than this amount of digits.

My question is:
Is there a better way to represent a number when you do not know the number of digits? I have seen that with Linksys x. means any amount of digits.

On other side, is it possible to reduce the time out for dial-now rule to 0 seconds? I do not see the benefit of waiting one second.

Hi acrz6666,

1. In the Dial plan, " . " matches an arbitrary number of digits.
For example:
Dial now Rule: 12.
That means when you dial any numbers with 12 prefex, the rule will take effect.

2. The O second delay applys to quick dial speed and it doesn't give enough response time for delte wrong number.
So we don't take 0 into account.
Thanks for your interest.

I have tried what you suggested but it does not work. I stated the next rules:


When I dial any number starting with 067, If I wait more then one second to dial the next digit, the phone sends the number. This is as if 067. behaves as 067x.

On other side, if you look at this document:, the example 1. works as 1x.

Is there any solution? I know I can state 067xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but it does not look very efficient.

On other side, if I wanted to correct a number after dialing a complete number, I would state dial-now rule to 1 or 2 seconds. I would prefer the option of stating 0 seconds

Hi acrz6666,

You don't need to wait one second to dial the next digit, because you set the dial-now rule for 1 second in default, you should dial the number in a once.
Please try again.
I was looking for a format so when you dialed a number starting with 067 it did not take into account "Time out for dial-now rule" rule, but the "Inter digit time", so I have 4 seconds (default) to dial next digit instead of only 1 second (default).

I see there is no way to do that, but the inefficient 067xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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